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Apple to launch new 11 ″ iPad Pro and update all Macs this semester

He, always him. Ming Chi Kuo (analyst at KGI Securities TF International Securities) returned this week with new forecasts about Apple's future releases. Without further ado, let's get to the “news”:


Here, no news. Kuo continues betting on three models, two with OLED display (5.8 ″ and 6.5 ″) and one with LCD (6.1 ″, which is cheaper less expensive). Everyone would, of course, follow the look of the iPhone X, face ID as biometric technology, and come equipped with the A12 chip.

Unlike others, the analyst, however, believes that the 6.5 ″ model comes with two rear cameras, as does the 5.8 ″ model; Already the 6.1 ″ model would come with only one, as speculated (in order to make the construction of the apparatus as a whole cheaper).

iPads Pro

Apple would be working on two new models but, unlike what you might imagine, the smaller one has no 10.5 ″ screen. At least not following Kuo.

It bets on an 11 ″ and a 12.9 ″ model, both properly equipped with Face ID and a full-screen display. If so, it would be the second change in screen size of the smaller iPad Pro (which was 9.7 ″ and now 10.5 ″ in the second generation tablet).

2018 iPad Pro with 11 ″ vs. iPad Pro 10.5 ″ The body size almost the same.

Apple watches

Nothing too new about the Apple wear, either. The analyst is betting on two new models which will have larger screens and enhanced heart rate detection features. The supposed new watches would have screens of 1.47 ″ and 1.78 ″ compared to the current ones have 1.32 ″ and 1.5 ″.

2018 “Series 4” Apple Watch with larger screen.


Here, yes, we have news! Starting with the Mac mini, Kuo did not report much but stated that Ma's computer will receive at least one processor update, which is little, given that the machine has been running for over 1,360 days without receiving a cuddle from Ma.

MacBooks and MacBooks Pro will also, according to the analyst, receive the long-awaited processor upgrades that are usually accompanied by improvements in GPUs and perhaps storage (SSD size).

The interesting part that Kuo believes in the possibility of Apple launching a new "low cost" notebook. He had originally said such a machine would be a revamped MacBook Air, but now he thinks differently. For the analyst, the company could launch a new model of MacBook (expanding the current portable line of 12 ″) to replace MacBook Air once and for all.

For the iMacs, Kuo is expecting a significant display performance upgrade even though he has not, again, gone into detail about exactly what that would be. In addition, the desktop lineup would receive a processor upgrade and general enhancements like other Macs.

AirPods and AirPower

According to him, the AirPods and AirPower will go into mass production in the third quarter of 2018, suggesting that both can be launched with the new iPhones in September / October.

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Apparently, the second half of 2018 be quite hectic for Apple

via MacRumors