Apple to launch a SiriOS in 2020, report says

Apple to launch a SiriOS in 2020, report says

undeniable: in the disputed very digital assistants, a Apple is behind (not to mention eating dust) its three main competitors Google, Amazon and (to a lesser extent) Microsoft. This causes a problem: with voice interaction moving into its own market and one of the defining technologies of the next decade, how can Ma stand out from rivals? Well, now we have an idea.

The investment firm Mangrove Capital Partners He recently published a report (PDF) analyzing the current scenario of the digital assistants segment and charting a course for its steps over the next ten years. According to analysts' predictions, speech recognition and synthesis technologies will reach levels so advanced that they will equate a conversation with a robot at the same level as the dialogue with another human being (technically at least); This will allow people to use their voice much more often to control their devices.

What is Apple's response to this announced revolution? See the excerpt from the report highlighted below:

The voice technology community expects Apple to launch a “SiriOS” for developers at WWDC 2020, which would help accelerate the assistant's innovation and adoption. “A desirable SiriOS to enable innovation is essential to equating the progress made by Amazon and Google with their voice assistants,” said Bret Kinsella, editor of

The report does not provide other information or speculation about what "expensive" this system would take, but it is not difficult to have some suspicions. Siri is currently an assistant attached to the systems in which macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS are inserted; By creating an operating system of her own, Apple would effectively give the lady freedom to jump higher flights.

Developers would have access to much more robust integration / customization tools, without the limitations of each operating system; In addition, they could develop for the assistant at once and apply the news on all platforms in which she was present. Siri would be like an independent system within other systems but this, of course, is pure speculation from us.

At least one triumph Apple has: its image is strongly associated with privacy and protection of user data. According to Mangrove analysts, this is an increasingly consumer-driven issue, a recent Microsoft survey found that 41% of users are concerned about their own privacy in digital assistants, especially when it comes to passive audio (when you don't broadcast a express command for the technology to hear).

Apple knows this advantage and continues to take advantage of it, both in its advertising and in the acquisitions it makes: a good example by buying Silk Labs, startup focused on local processing of voice commands. That is, if Tim Cook and his class really are dedicated to building a solid “SiriOS” and continuing to focus on privacy, Ma has all the conditions to go far in the segment. To be?

via AppleInsider