Apple to invest in mangrove preservation in Colombia

Although it is not new that the Apple caring about the environment and its preservation, we are following a new phase of the company related to sustainability. Last April, Ma started operating around the world entirely from clean and sustainable energy sources and, this week, we were introduced to the first iPhones built with some recycled materials.

Apple's investments in the environment don't stop there; yesterday (9/13), during the conference Global Climate Action Summit (held in San Francisco, Calif.), Apple’s vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, revealed the company's plans to preserve 27,000 acres (approximately 11,000 hectares) of mangroves on the coast of Colombia, as the Fast Company.

The project, which is being carried out in partnership with Conservation International, involve planting trees in degraded areas and preserving those that still exist. Furthermore, it is expected that, in the first years of the program, about 1 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) will be captured, according to Jackson.

These forests are critical because they are one of nature's most important tools in the battle against climate change. They can absorb and store up to 10x more carbon than a terrestrial forest.

In its first two years, the project will help reduce carbon emissions by up to 17,000 tonnes, approximately the same amount that will be emitted by Apple cars that will travel the world to update Apple Maps.

In addition, Conservation International calculated, for the first time, what they call blue carbon (which trees sequester under water), making it the first project of its kind, according to CI scientist and executive director, M. Sanjaya .

By investing, Apple opened the door for others to also think of blue carbon as a viable way to sequester carbon and reduce emissions globally.

The head of environmental projects at Apple did not disclose how long the project would last or how much would be invested. Despite this, the importance of a project like this is immeasurable for the preservation of this type of forest in the world. In 2015, Ma invested in the Conversation International fund to acquire more than 36,000 hectares for reforestation in the United States.

In addition to this program, Ma also announced a $ 300 million clean energy fund in China and a partnership with US companies to produce renewable energy in the east of the country.

Apple donates $ 1 million to the Red Cross

This morning, the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, tweeted that the company donate $ 1 million Red Cross to support hurricane relief efforts Florence, which hit the US east coast this week.

The Carolinas are in our hearts. For our crew members, rescuers and everyone on the way to Hurricane Florence, please be safe. To help those affected, Apple is donating $ 1 million to the Red Cross.

In addition to the cash value, Apple generally accepts donations from its customers through the App Store and iTunes, but the company has not yet added that option in its stores or on its website. Last year, she donated $ 5 million to help recover from the damage caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

This year, the Cupertino giant has also contributed about R $ 4 million to the flood victims in India.

via AppleInsider, MacRumors