Apple to Introduce New Apple TV with 4K, HDR and Live Content at September Event

Rumors about a Apple tv renewed with much-sought-after features today; Nor are recent demonstrations that set top box Ma really needs an update in the near future if it wants to keep competing with some force in the increasingly fierce market for smart TV boxes.

Well, if this rumor of Bloomberg prove themselves true and they undeniably get it right much , perhaps Apple TV's future holds some good surprises: according to the publication, which cites close sources, Ma will present at its September event what they say will be used for the introduction of the new iPhones and of a possible new model of Apple Watch a new verse black box with a more powerful processor, which allows the transmission of content in 4K HDR (for televisions that support these technologies, of course).

To paraphrase the unforgettable Polishop, And not only that! According to the report, Apple would also be engendering an update to its TV app with a renewed emphasis on content. Live, allowing users to access more real-time broadcasts from news, sports, awards or other media that require immediacy.

Of course, to that end, Apple is once again opening talks with content producers, TV channels, studios and other media companies to make this kind of broadcast available in their new application. In addition, talks are open for Hollywood producers to make 4K HDR versions of their movies and series available on the iTunes Store; Otherwise, obviously, it would not make sense to launch an Apple TV 4K HDR. Not yet, however, whether these negotiations would be successful will certainly have to wait a few more weeks to find out.

In fact, this is the crux of Apple's crusade: producing an Apple TV with 4K, HDR and easy live programming; It is difficult to make partnerships for producers to provide the right content for consumers to enjoy the technologies without difficulty. Undoubtedly, the weight of the name "Apple" plays a lot in favor of Tim Cook and his class, but we also know that the company has had its share of difficulty negotiating with the studios. So we can only wait to see what result comes out of this whole process.