Apple to Expand NFC Usage in iPhones by Year's End

Apple to Expand NFC Usage in iPhones by Year's End

The technology NFC It was implemented on the iPhone by Apple Pay and since then little explored for other features Apple's fault, of course, that does not open this technology for everyone to use it in the way that suits you. There was a rumor that this would change with the arrival of iOS 12, but little has changed in this scenario. Now, something happens.

According to NFC World, Apple extends the NFC chip reading capabilities of iPhones by the end of the year. The reason? So that the smartphone can be used to read data stored on passport and / or identity security chips.

This statement was made by the UK Home Office, which has been talking to Apple to expand NFC usage on iPhones just so that a government-developed app can read passport / EU citizen information they want. apply to continue residing in the UK.

Currently, the NFC functionality of the iPhone is very restricted, allowing only NDEF data reading (NFC Data Exchange Format, or NFC Data Exchange Format). Because of this hindrance (passport chips do not store information in this format), the British government is unable to make the app available EU Exit: ID Document Check for iPhones, only for devices running the Android operating system.

In an ideal world, a European citizen who wants to continue living in the UK would download the app, fill out a short form, take a selfie for face recognition and would touch the iPhone to the passport / identity chip so that the document information was properly collected. Today, however, this flow can only be done on Android devices.

The good news, as we said, is that Apple will expand NFC capabilities, said Sajid Javid (Secretary of State for Home Affairs): “() I am pleased to confirm that Apple has made available the verification document from identity on their devices by the end of the year. ”

Given that more than 280,000 European citizens have applied to continue living in the UK, such a move could make life easier for many people if Apple actually collaborates and extends the NFC update and we will also see if this feature expansion does not benefit other applications.

It is worth noting that this register remains independent of the outcome of the United Kingdom's exit negotiations from the European Union (Brexit) The enrollment program will remain open until June 2021 in the case of an agreement or December 2020 if there is no agreement.

Obviously, the EU Exit: ID Document Check app is not the only option for this application to be made: there are over 50 places where applicants can have their passports verified, and the whole process can also be done by the post office.

via 9to5Mac