Apple to announce app focused on content discovery for Apple TV at tomorrow’s event [atualizado]

Apple to announce app focused on content discovery for Apple TV at tomorrow's event [atualizado]

If you, like me, are excited by the prospect of witnessing Apple plunging into almost two hours of pure dedication to the so underrated Macs at tomorrow’s event, maybe it’s time to adjust your expectations a little. According to USA Today, Ma should dedicate at least a few minutes of her next keynote to announce a new content discovery app on Apple TV.

Apple special event (10/27)

According to the story, the app internally called ?The Watch List? (something like ?Watch List?), but certainly gain another name when presented to the public. The new application would be a kind of hub media where Apple would recommend new content to the user for movies and series, mainly from different sources, based on their consumption history on Apple TV. The article gives the hypothetical example of a user who subscribes to the FX channel and could receive, say, a recommendation from the new ?Atlanta? series, produced by the broadcaster.

We’ve already talked about Apple’s opportunity to build an anabolic and smart TV guide; this application must be (the first?) the result of this new calling from Ma. It is still unclear, however, if it will materialize as an app for the Apple TV itself, if it will live on iOS devices as a way of controlling the set-top box, or both.

Apple, as expected, did not comment on the rumors, but luckily we will know more details about that in less than 24 hours. Or not.

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Update by Rafael Fischmann · 10/26/2016 s 20:41

Citing own sources, the Recode also «confirmed» this rumor for tomorrow, citing even that, strangely, the Netflix be out of the game.