Apple threatens to shut down iTunes

تفتح Apple تأجير وشراء الأفلام على iTunes إلى البرتغال

The person in charge of the most popular music service on the Internet is using her power to put pressure on the American bodies that are currently considering successive requests to update the amounts paid for copyright.

The Copyright Royalty Board is analyzing the issue under strong pressure from the music industry, which considers the compensation received on behalf of the artists to be insufficient whenever a song is sold. The proposal under analysis by the panel of experts aims to increase by 66 percent the amount paid today to artists for each theme sold, a value well below that paid in full to publishers. From the 9 cents on the dollar, it would go to 15 cents on the dollar per song.

Apple does not welcome the change and has already talked about it saying that it is not willing, nor to increase the amount paid for copyright in each song sold, nor the value of each song, which in the United States costs 99 cents of dollar.

The company will even have given to understand that it considers the possibility of canceling the service if it is forced to pay more for the copyright of the songs, as mentioned by several sources in the international press.

Apple has repeatedly commented on scenarios of increasing the amounts paid to copyright management entities, ensuring that it is only in the digital music business as long as it is profitable.

Steve Jobs’s company guarantees that 70 percent of its revenue currently goes to publishers. Of the money paid to them, a percentage goes to the artists. It is this percentage that is in the process of being changed.

According to RIAA data, music sales in digital format increased 46 percent last year, making the market worth $ 1.2 billion.