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Apple threatens jailbreak community in lawsuit against Corellium [atualizado]

Apple threatens jailbreak community in lawsuit against Corellium [atualizado]

The process involving the Apple and the Corellium won a new chapter (nothing positive) recently. For those who don’t remember, the Cupertino giant filed a lawsuit against the company (which develops virtualization software) last August, after accusing it of “illegally copying iOS”.

Sometime later, in October, Corellium replied saying that Apple knew exactly what the company did and that none of its activities were illegal. At the same time, the virtualization company demanded $ 300,000 from the Cupertino giant for discovering bugs from its platform.

Now, Apple’s rejoinder was anything but subtle: in its most recent complaint, the company says that Corellium not only sold technologies (read: hardware and software) without proper authorization, but also encouraged illegal “exploitation” of iOS, in a clear reference to the practices of jailbreak.

It is worth noting that not all jailbreak they are intended to “go over” iOS; in many cases, security researchers use the system’s «unlock» methods to investigate possible flaws and flaws in this software, helping to keep it safe.

However, by “condemning” Corellium for encouraging this activity from its platform, the Apple accidentally (willingly) accused the community of security researchers adept at jailbreak – triggering a negative reaction on social networks, as highlighted by the developer Jamie Bishop:

Apple’s most recent record in the Corellium case is HORRIBLE. It will effectively set a precedent that will do unauthorized searches for Apple products * ILLEGAL *. your life.

Also according to Bishop, Apple’s lawsuit against Corellium, which was initially about copyright infringement, became a violation of the rights not only of these researchers, but of the Apple user base, since each has the right to right to do whatever they want with the devices they bought.

The creator of the Guardian Firewall, Will Strafach, inferred that Apple is more than capable of defending the reason why it is, in fact, accusing developers and security researchers in the case of Corellium. He also recalled a case in 2016 in which the Cupertino giant failed to comply with the laws of the All Writs Act involving an FBI investigation into a solution to unlock suspect iPhones.

In its most recent lawsuit, Apple declared a total war on jailbreaking.They decided that they would destroy the livelihoods of those who dare to help people escape the walled garden.

Regardless of whether the case cites only Corellium, the Maça accusation rejected a legion of independent developers who legally carry out an activity supported by Apple itself (for which there is a reward program). As highlighted by the developer of the unc0ver tool, the hacker Pwn20wnd, if you care about the jailbreak, so your attention in this case is necessary.

Apple has also now filed a DMCA complaint against @CorelliumHQ, alleging that it infringes on iOS facilities. jailbreaking has a DMCA exemption – and this is another claim that shows they’re just abusing their power… #RightToJailbreak # RightToVirtualize.If you care about the jailbreak, you should definitely worry about that. They’re basically attacking @CorelliumHQ as a jailbreak. It won’t be long before they start tinkering with other jailbreak if they are not interrupted.

This development will certainly yield some statement from Apple on the matter (or not, if the company insists on this key); until then, more developers and security researchers will stand against the company and in favor of Corellium – which has not yet responded to Apple’s new accusations, yet.

The new controversy comes to light shortly after they thought Apple had been responsible for taking down publications on jailbreak claiming copyright infringement. It turned out that she was not to blame there, but we realized that she would not be very contrary to what happened …

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Update, for Rafael Fischmann Dec 30, 2019 at 16:05

Amanda Gorton, CEO of Corellium, published a statement after Apple’s new move and took the opportunity to harshly criticize it for its attack on the community jailbreak as a whole.

Apple is using this case as a test of a new angle in its fight against jailbreaking. Apple has made it clear that it does not intend to limit its attack on Corellium: it is seeking to set a precedent to eliminate jailbreaks public.

Rene Ritchie, of iMore, disagrees with the interpretation of hackers and Gorton herself. For him, Apple is fighting offenses only, and not who actually carries out the process of jailbreak:

In other words, research is not a problem. Profiting from Apple’s private property without authorization, then it doesn’t happen.

We will continue to follow the progress of all this.

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