Apple tests support for USB security keys on Safari

Apple tests support for USB security keys on Safari

Turn and move, we speak here on the site of notable experimental news that paint in the Safari Technology Preview. This time, its version 71 brought initial support to the API Web Authentication (also known as WebAuthn).

Basically, this will allow Safari to communicate with USB security keys (CTAP2) connected to the Mac to give access to certain websites – like banks, for example. It is more a form of authentication in two factors, only involving a physical device.

Unfortunately, today, there is little caution when it comes to systems that provide access to important data and enable financial transactions.

As we said, the implementation is still in the beta channel of Safari, with no forecast of reaching the public and stable version of the browser. But, as the API is already supported by Firefox, Chrome and even Edge, it is not something that should take long to happen.

via AppleInsider