Apple teleworkers will be able to return to offices from July this year

Apple teleworkers will be able to return to offices from July this year

While the isolation measures implemented by governments around the world to halt the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic remain, some technological giants are already planning to return to normalcy. Unlike Google or Facebook employees, most Apple employees will be able to return to the company's offices starting in July.

The apple company is putting in place a phased defibrillation strategy. According to sources to which Bloomberg had access, the first phase, which takes place between late May and early June, has already started in some of Apple's international offices and includes all employees whose functions cannot be performed on a telecommuting basis. and employees who are having difficulties in executing them from home.

In the second phase, scheduled for July, the company foresees the return of even more employees to all offices. However, dates may change depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the measures of uncertainty taken by Governments.

Apparently, the first employees to return to Apple's offices will focus on hardware development. Remember that in March, the technological giant decided to circumvent the rules, allowing some employees to test products in the initial development phase at home.

Apple has already started to open some of its stores in the United States, in states like South Carolina, Alabama, Alaska and Idaho. Recently, the company has also allowed stores to open in some countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and South Korea.

Google and Facebook took a different approach than Apple took. The tech giants have decided that most employees will continue to work from home until the end of 2020.

In the case of Google, only employees whose functions cannot be performed at home can return to their offices in June. As far as Facebook is concerned, the company is still deciding which employees I can return to earlier.