Apple technical assistance in Greece sues customer for complaining about its services

Situation more than unusual: an authorized reseller and Apple technical assistance in Greece decided to sue one of its customers, Dimitris Papadimitriadis, after he publicly complained about the service she provided.

cone - Sad Mac

Papadimitriadis says that Systemgraph recommended replacing the LCD panel of his iMac and cleaning the machine (internal and external) completely, after he noticed some black spots on the screen. The problem is that the iMac returned home in a worse condition than delivered, and assistance denied their requests for an exchange or refund of the money because the machine would not have been purchased there.

Outraged by the situation, Papadimitriadis published this report in a Greek forum describing his poor experience with Systemgraph, and characterizing the company's service as "doubtful".

Systemgraph filed a lawsuit against Papadimitriadis and is requesting 200 thousand euros (!!, yes, more than R $ 440 thousand) in reimbursements for having damaged the company's reputation. A court hearing was scheduled for January 19.

(via CNET News)