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Apple takes three lawsuits on AirPods, Shortcuts and Memoji

If Monday is complicated for you, imagine the folks at Apple's legal department, who took not one, not two, but three processes over the last week and now it's full of cucumbers to settle. Let's take a look at the actions below.


The first process of the day comes from Pinn, manufacturer of a headset wireless that hit Kickstarter about two years ago. The company claims that Apple infringes one of its patents with Airpods The registration in question concerns a "wireless personal media station that includes a main body and a wireless headset."

The lawsuit was filed in the Central California District Court. According to law enforcement officials, Pinn contacted Apple prior to the release of the AirPods, providing information about the technology; Ma, however, dismissed the contact.

The plaintiffs note in the lawsuit that an Apple patent relating to AirPods rightly cites Pinn's patent that the company claims to have been infringed. The company asks the case to be tried by a jury, but does not specify a sum of money for damages; Apple, in turn, did not comment.


Meanwhile, the “non-practicing entity” (which is nothing but a euphemism for Patent troll) Aftechmobile filed a lawsuit against Apple over the app Shortcuts and the functionality it brings. According to the company, the application infringes one of its patents, which describes “custom shortcuts” for automatically performing multistep tasks on an electronic device.

The process does not mention, at any time, the acquisition of Workflow by Apple, which is where the creation of Shortcuts came from. Detail: Aftechmobile's patent was filed in 2018, while Workflow was released on the App Store in 2014.

That is, there is something strange about this story, and the Northern California District Court will have to determine what. Let's wait to see the unfolding of this story.

Social Technologies LLC

Finally, we have the case of Social Technologies LLC, an Atlanta-based company that claims to have trademark registration Memoji In fact, the company owns an Android app with the same name.

Anyone with a good memory should remember that Social Tech has already appeared here with a similar process, but the complaint this time is different. Apple now claims that Apple is misleading its consumers by using the “” symbol in Memoji-related communications under US law, this symbol is exclusive to US Patent and Trademark Office trademarks; For all other cases, companies should use the broader “™” symbol.

The new lawsuit has been filed in the Southern District Court of New York, and now it will be necessary to wait to find out if the court proceeds with the action. Apple, as usual, did not comment on the case.

via AppleInsider, Apple World Today, Patently Apple