MacBook Pro with Retina display on its side with the display open

Apple takes questions about the Retina display of the new MacBook Pro; deliveries of some machines will delay in the United States [atualizado]

Apple posted a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions) covering the use of the Retina display of the new MacBook Pro. In it, the company gives tips on how to adjust the display resolution, which applications already support the high resolution display, how to correct possible visual problems in applications (opening them in low resolution), how to use external monitors with the new machine, comments on using Windows 7 via Boot Camp, among other things.

MacBook Pro with Retina display on its side with the display open

If you already have such a machine, be sure to check out the support article – for now it is only available in English, but soon you should get a version in Portuguese.

In the United States, the deadline for delivery of the new notebook continues between 3-4 weeks – in Brazil the period is even longer, between 3-5 weeks. However, corporate consumers who purchased the machine on the first day of sales (6/11), when the deadline was 7-10 business days, are receiving an email from Apple stating that the order will take much longer than the Expected – some will receive the order up to 6 weeks after the day of purchase, around July 25th.

The reason for the delay is still unknown: is the notebook still selling a lot or are the recent problems with the screen somehow holding orders?

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According to the reader Fausto J. Almeida warned us, consumers who received late emails bought custom machines (768GB flash storage). To date, no customer who purchased the machine in its standard configuration has received the warning. We can conclude then that the delay has no connection with the problem of burn-in of the screen, which should affect even just a few machines.