Apple takes from the App Store application that allowed to record the iPhone screen

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Recording what happens on the iPhone or iPad screen is very useful for making tutorial videos or game demos. It is possible to record them by connecting the device via the USB cable on the Mac and recording with the QuickTime program, but it would be great if it were possible to record the video directly on the iPhone as is already possible with some solutions from jailbreak.

This morning an app appeared on the App Store that did just that: it allowed to record on video what happened on the screen of the iPhone or iPad. But Apple took the app down.

The solution was great: the Vidyo it used AirPlay (function to mirror the iOS screen on Apple TV) to capture all the images, as if it were an external device itself. Then just record what you wanted and then edit right there on the device, without needing a computer.

But Apple did not like it, because it does not release AirPlay functionality for applications. According to her, the purpose of the function is not this and that is why nobody can invent other utilities, even if they work and are made to facilitate the user’s life. Therefore, based on the rules of the App Store, the application has been withdrawn.

It’s a shame, because it would be a really cool thing to be able to record the screen right on the device. Another “candy” that Apple stole from our hand.