Apple takes another step away from iTunes with the new name “Apple Podcasts”

Before Ma announced the Apple Music, many bet that the service of streaming the company's music library would have a name related to iTunes. Now, within it, Apple concentrates all its multimedia services.

But, perhaps already on a path to start making iTunes less clogged with things, the name chosen was “Apple Music” although, at least on macOS, access to it (yet?) Is through the iTunes application.

Today, in yet another step in this distance, this is much less relevant, in fact, Apple renamed the “iTunes Podcasts” to “Apple Podcasts”.

Badge - Listen on Apple Podcasts

The news was reported on Twitter by Steve Wilson, which handles the marketing of Apple Podcasts. He also released the link to the updated page with the Apple Podcasts Identity Guidelines, which already brings new stamps (badges) Like the one you see above. We even put it in the post of yesterday's episode of our podcast. 😉

With the name change, the respective Apple Podcasts Twitter account has also been updated, of course, to @ApplePodcasts.

Although today's “news” isn’t so exciting, Apple’s focus on this subject may indicate that it has bigger plans for the future. And this is not the first time she has given this indication: last February, at the Code Media conference, Eddy Cue (Apple's senior vice president of software and internet services) was questioned by reporter Peter Kafka and said the company is “working new podcast features. ”

Taking advantage of the theme, be sure to check out our complete app comparison for those who want to listen to podcasts on iOS. 😉

(via 9to5Mac)