Apple tablet in time for Christmas?

Apple already has more than 250,000 applications available

Most of the rumors point to the first quarter of 2010, but the Financial Times estimates that the expected netbook from Apple is expected to arrive in retail in time for Christmas shopping, a time that in the United States officially begins with Thanksgiving.

The giant of the apple has been waiting for a computer with such characteristics for a long time, with forecasts increasing with the approach of major annual events linked to the manufacturer, such as what happens next September.

Confirmations on the part of Apple do not exist, either regarding the development of the product itself, nor regarding the launch date, but a news report recently published by the China Times revealed the existence of agreements with local manufacturers for the production of the equipment.

The many rumors that circulate ¬ęguarantee¬Ľ that everything related to the future tablet it is being personally supervised by Steve Jobs, who thus seems to have surrendered to a format initially viewed by the company that he manages as too limited, as it offers low performance to users.

10-inch touch screen in an iPod-like format touch giant, with a cost that should be around 800 dollars is all that is currently ¬ęsuspicious¬Ľ of the future yet to be confirmed netbook from Apple.