Apple surpasses Microsoft in market value

The dispute between the two companies has always been made taco by taco, but on Wednesday Apple achieved the feat of overtaking Microsoft in market value, becoming the most valuable technology. The move was confirmed after the New York session closed, with Apple worth $ 222.12 billion while Microsoft was worth $ 219.18 billion.

The only North American company above these figures is Exxon Mobil, with a market capitalization of 278.64 billion dollars.

This is another milestone in the history of Apple, which in recent years has managed to successfully reinvent itself under the leadership of Steve Jobs.

On the contrary, since Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft and passed the testimony to Steve Ballmer, the company has been losing weight in the market capitalization, as shown in a graph prepared by the New York Times.


Microsoft continues to dominate the personal computer software market, but it has faced active competition in markets that are very prominent, such as the Internet and mobile phones.

It is precisely in mobile phones, mobility and Internet-based models, especially in music and applications, that Apple has been gaining more weight. But the company’s “closed” model continues to be contested and the company risks facing difficult times of scrutiny in the area of ​​competition, such as those that Microsoft had to pass in the United States and Europe.