Apple Support app is also launched in Brazil

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Apple recently launched a special application in some countries so that its users have faster support in case of problems with the device. And now this application is also available in Brazil.

He’s really a hand on the wheel. Often the user has a problem with the operation of his device and does not know how to solve it. The application directs this user to a solution, through articles and support tutorials. If the problem still persists, then the customer can see the nearest service center and then make an appointment.

To get started, you need to connect your Apple ID to the app. This will allow him to list all the devices you already have associated with your account, making the repair request process much easier if you need to.

Apple Support

This already directs the user to the problem, as he selects the device to which he needs guidance. There, several topics appear, and you can choose the one that best indicates your problem. Then, help topics are shown so that you may be able to solve it yourself, or else, if it doesn’t, then it is possible to contact support, which can be by chat or ask them to call you. I don’t know of any other brand in Brazil that offers support of this level.

Apple Support Apple Support Apple Support

It also allows you to make an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, but this is only possible if you are in the city of Rio or São Paulo. If you’re currently elsewhere, the store option won’t even appear to you. Still, it’s great, as I was able to find an Authorized Assistance Center in my city that I didn’t even know existed. This is the convenience of having an application of the type in the palm of your hand.

The application is obviously free and can be downloaded from this link.

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