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Apple Support App Earns Improvements in Booking Schedule; WhatsApp, Telegram, and Procreate Pocket are updated

And we're back with the latest updates from some of the most popular or important apps in App store! Let's take a look at them.

Apple Support

Apple Support app icon

Ma's official support app has earned, in Brazil, “improvements to the booking scheduling experience at Genius Bar and Authorized Service Centers (AASP)”. This, of course, in Apple's own words is not clear at what points this experience is enhanced.

In the United States, on the other hand, the app has gained a much nicer new feature: the ability to instantly connect the user with a Ma technician via iMessage. The feature is only available for selected subjects and, for now, only exists in the US; It is hoped that it will expand soon.


WhatsApp Messenger app icon

The WhatsApp update is a bit confusing: according to its release notes, the update allows users to see a life-size preview of the stickers sent by their contacts already in the notifications just press and hold one of the bubbles to see the sticker in all its glory.

According to WABetaInfoHowever, the news has not yet appeared for users even after the upgrade. They speculate that the feature may depend on remote activation by WhatsApp to work, but another plausible option is that the tool is simply broken and needs another update to run normally. We will be aware.


Telegram app icon

Telegram for macOS has finally received the same new features introduced in its mobile versions last week: the chat archive tool (and all the gestures that come with it), the online status indicator in each profile photo contact and the link generator for specific messages within a conversation.

Telegram version 5.2 for macOS (not to be confused with Telegram Desktop, incidentally) also brings the ability to copy and paste text without losing formatting, which makes some processes much easier.

Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket app icon

Finally, one of the most renowned illustration and design apps in the world has gained, in its iPhone version, an update that gives it feature parity over its (so far) more complete iPad counterpart.

What does that mean? That Procreate Pocket 3 brings features like QuickShape (which converts a scribble into a perfectly drawn shape), text and typography editor, drawing and symmetry guides, liquefy / twisting / distorting tools, clipping masks, selection enhancement, transformation interpolation, layer and set sharing of brushes, export of time lapses of your creations and more.

All of this, of course, is laid out in a new interface, which keeps the focus on creation and brings the easily accessible menu tools to anyone who uses Procreate on iPad will surely feel at home. Best of all, this great free upgrade for those who had Procreate Pocket before; for new fans the app costs R $ 19.