Apple supplier also suggests that this year’s iPhones will delay

Since the start of the new pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) earlier this year, when several factories in China suspended their activities, speculation began to production of Apple devices long-term – that is, determining a delay in the company’s launch schedule, including the “IPhone 12”.

Although Apple’s CEO himself, Tim Cook, has refuted these claims, there is much evidence to support this possibility – the most recent of which came from one of Apple’s chip suppliers. I speak of Broadcom, which also suggested that the next iPhones will be launched later than usual this year (presumably in October), according to a new report by Bloomberg.

Although the CEO of Broadcom, Hock Tan, did not quote Apple at all, he said during a conference that there will be a “delay in the cycle of a product by a major mobile device manufacturer in North America”. According to Bloomberg, this is how most suppliers refer to Apple.

“We’re in,” said Hock, referring to Broadcom’s components on the iPhone. “The question is time.”

Manufacturers like Apple usually place orders for components months before the product launches; thus (and based on previous years), the Cupertino giant should have already completed all its orders and started manufacturing the next iPhone, which has not yet happened.

Considering that Apple may launch four new devices this year, we will certainly see what happened in previous years with the launch of the iPhones X and XR, which hit the shelves later than the iPhones 8/8 Plus and XS / XS Max, respectively.

THE MacMagazine it also has at least one source within Apple vendors that corroborates these rumors about a possible “few weeks” delay. According to what we heard, in the current schedule it is “impossible” for any device in the new line to reach the market as early as September.