Apple suggests universal battery technology for mobile devices

Apple suggests universal battery technology for mobile devices

A recently published Apple patent application describes a universal and intelligent system of rechargeable batteries, which is being developed with the aim of being used in a huge variety of electronic devices, from cell phones to portable computers. In order to increase the portability power of users, the document suggests that different sources of energy in different devices would be compatible with each other, with the Mac as the center for managing the state of use of all of them.

Apple Patent for Battery Management System

Desktops and laptops would have integrated slots for batteries, eliminating the need for a charger for each electronic device that needs a recharge. But that's not just why Macs would be at the center of this universal battery system: they would be able to monitor the state of each device's power sources – since it would be fully monitoring its operating status -, alerting the user to which ones they would need recharge.

These alerts would be sent with sufficient time to save configurations or end tasks, if necessary. Thus, it is possible to conclude that this system is capable of monitoring devices in real time and does not wait for a sudden shutdown alert due to lack of power to alert the user. In locations with networked Macs this would work even better, allowing you to see where a charged battery is available for your device.

Examples of universal batteries in Apple patentsExamples of universal batteries in Apple patents

As the center of this management system, the Mac would be able to follow the history of recharges made and the recharge cycles consumed by each battery, facilitating their optimization after a certain period of use. In addition, it could also communicate with its respective device, optimizing energy consumption and offering greater security for it, in case of shorts.

Monitoring schemes between battery and deviceMonitoring schemes between battery and device

At the end of the useful life of an energy source, the user would also have access to information on how to proceed to replace and consciously discard it, receiving suggestions from “retail stores” and “technical assistance” as places to be wanted for that.

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