Apple suggests iPhone 7 owners not to hold the device close to their heads

Apple suggests iPhone 7 owners not to hold the device close to their heads

Apple suggests iPhone 7 owners not to hold the device close to their heads

This has just happened: Apple suggests that iPhone 7 owners don’t use the device to make calls in the traditional way. Although Apple says the iPhone has been tested and meets the «applicable limits» for radio frequency (RF) exposure, this is apparently not good enough to hold the phone close to your ear.

This is weird. A smartphone that is not supposed to be used close to the head? Apple released information about the iPhone 7’s RF exposure with a suggestion to users: «To reduce exposure to RF energy, use a speakerphone option, such as the built-in speaker, the headphones provided with the device or other similar accessories «.

The company goes even further, saying that the user must «carry the iPhone a minimum distance of 5 mm from his body to ensure that the exposure levels remain within or below the limits tested». To me, this seems like a statement that it would not be pleasant to use such a device. Especially if you don’t intend to use your smartphone on speakerphone or headphones.

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Even the cover of the device escapes. Using cases with metallic parts «can alter the performance of the device with respect to RF emission, including with regard to its compliance with RF exposure standards, with results that have not yet been tested or certified».

According to the FCC website, «FCC approval only means that the device will never exceed the maximum levels of consumer RF exposure allowed by federal guidelines, but it does not indicate the level of RF exposure experienced by consumers when using the device. under normal conditions «.

In other words, this means that the maximum levels reported may not reflect the safe use of the device on a daily basis, and it is not a good way of comparing one smartphone with another.

Is my device safe?

These RF exposure limits apply for model A1778. To find out which model your device is, check the back of the iPhone 7 to see if the number matches this variant.

To give you an idea, the SAR value of the Mi 5, for example, is 0.328 watts per kilogram (w / kg). For more references in this field, the SAR value of the Galaxy S7 Edge is 0.264 w / kg.

This is not the first time that an Apple model has raised controversy over RF exposure, as the iPhone 6 has already hit the market with a value of 1.58 w / kg. The maximum allowed value is 1.6 w / kg.

Every manufacturer needs to report the SAR value of their devices in the user manual.

The highest SAR values ​​for model A1778 are as follows:

SAR limit per 1.6 W / kg (over 1 g):Head: 1.19 Body: 1.19

SAR limit per 2.0 W / kg (over 10 g):Head: 1.38 Body: 1.34

You can read Apple’s official statement on the company’s website.

Would you change the way you make calls using your cell phone? Would that prevent you from buying an iPhone 7?