Apple sues SoftBank subsidiary for acting as patent troll

Apple sues SoftBank subsidiary for acting as patent troll

THE Apple and the Intel joined in the courts against the Fortress Investment Group, a company subsidized by the Japanese telecommunications giant Softbank, as informed by Reuters.

According to the news, the Cupertino giant claims that Fortress is essentially a Patent troll, term attributed to companies and entities that acquire patents from third parties, without producing any good, precisely to denounce those who eventually infringe them.

In the case of Apple, there are a number of companies that take advantage of this method to place them in court seeking payment of royalties to, of course, take advantage of Cupertino's billionaire cashier.

Under the lawsuit, Apple and Intel claim that Fortress-backed entities have “demanded billions of dollars” from the two companies over the years, forcing them to “spend millions on foreign resources” as lawyers and expert witnesses to defend against the accusations made by patent troll.

In one of these cases, Apple had been ordered to pay up to $ 2.75 per device sold that infringed Fortress patents. According to Ma, these numbers were invented and patent troll It used the same approach as Samsung in a well-known process between the two technology giants which ended in the middle of last year after seven years.

VoIP Patent Infringement

In other court cases, Ma has filed a lawsuit involving alleged patent infringements. VoIP maintained by Voip-Pal after a California judge found the charges "very generic" as reported by the Law360. In addition to Apple, Amazon it was also under the same target as Voip-Pal and got rid of this mess anymore.

Voip-Pal had already sued Apple multiple times, always claiming that the company infringed four VoIP patents under its ownership from features such as iPhone's iMessage, FaceTime and Wi-Fi Links. The company, however, was never successful in court, having lost similar cases against AT&T, Verizon and others.

IPhones screen size

Another court decision favored Ma, more precisely with respect to a class action that began in late 2018 about the screen size of OLED iPhones. As we reported, users claimed that Apple would have lied by informing the display size of your devices due to their front cut-out, known as notch.

In early October, the judge in charge of the case inferred that no one was really concerned about the size of the screen and how much notch took care of her, as reported by Law360. Only now, however, was the case closed and the plaintiffs who wanted to expand it to a national-class collective action were prevented from following the case.

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