Apple sues Qualcomm again, now for patent infringement

Qualcomm wants to ban imports of iPhones and iPads to the United States

J custom a Apple prosecuted for infringing patents, either legitimately or for what we call patent trolls; the opposite, however, is not that common. However, as its imbroglio with the Qualcomm is at an ever higher level, Ma thought it right to put more pepper in the fight and accuse the chip maker of infringing some of its patents.

As reported by Reuters, Apple again sued Qualcomm for patent infringement, claiming it has at least eight battery life inventions used by the manufacturer.

Patents ensure that each processor part of a device uses only the minimum battery required, shutting down parts of the processor when it is not needed. In the document presented by Ma, she claims that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and 820 processors, which are used by several Samsung and Google devices, infringe these patents.

A representative for the Cupertino giant said Apple would have sought and invested in these patents before Qualcomm did so. The company seeks damages, but the details have not been shared.

As Apple itself has already stated that it was ?holding on? to not sue the chip maker as it was the only one to supply the iPhones with modems, now it seems that Ma is rummaging through the drawer ?against Qualcomm? and dropping everything from only once with Tim Cook stating that he prefers everything to be resolved in conversation. I think that after the partnership / enemy suggested that Apple was sharing industrial secrets with Intel, this proposal to talk seems to be no longer standing. ?