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Apple sues MacBook blast in 2016

And we're back with the all-time high: one more day, one more process.

This time, however, the Cupertino giant is being accused (for a problem that occurred three years ago) as well as accusing it in court, as we will see below.

MacBook Explosion

A lawsuit involving Apple filed with the New York Supreme Court last May has recently surfaced for the seriousness of the case, which deals with a battery and charger defect in an (unspecified) MacBook model. Although it was registered a few months ago, the case occurred in 2016.

According to the letter, Yoland Oyiya, a resident of the state of New Jersey, suffered ?serious injuries? (burns to her left leg) caused by the explosion of her MacBook battery.

The lawsuit cites multiple cases of similar lawsuits against Apple, in which the plaintiffs claim that some models of MacBooks were sold ?in a defective condition,? creating an ?unreasonable risk of harm? to consumers.

According to the accusation, Apple knew the risks and did not warn its customers properly; It is also emphasized in the document that Oyiya has ?taken due care? of using the MacBook.

The lawsuit requires a judgment against Apple and the payment of an unspecified indemnity but "exceeds the monetary jurisdictional limits of all lower courts in New York State."

Apple Appeals on Patent Infringement Case

Among the many lawsuits against Apple over alleged patent infringements are cases where the company tries to prove that it has done nothing wrong and that in reality it is the companies that accuse it that they are using such mf intellectual property to try to boot up. a good amount of money.

This is precisely the case of the high performance camera manufacturer RED, which has brought Ma to court for a possible patent infringement involving the Rawcode format, used by both the manufacturer and Apple in various products and, according to RED, without proper licensing.

However, when reviewing patent number 9,245,314 (referred to only as ?Video Camera?), Apple claims that such intellectual property does not support the claim that the company specifically infringed this patent as it focuses primarily on the description of certain functions.

Accordingly, the company filed an application with the Patent Appeals and Judgment Council (Patent Trial and Appeal Board) to revise and possibly invalidate the RED patent for the RAW format.

It is interesting to note that Apple and RED have already worked together, with the company selling in their physical stores several sets of camera from the manufacturer, some costing up to $ 15,000.

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