Apple sues HTC for patent infringement

تعد Apple بالفعل الشركة المصنعة الثانية للهواتف المحمولة في الولايات المتحدة

Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC alleging infringement of 20 iPhone-related patents.

In the complaint filed with the International Trade Commission and in a US state court in Delaware, Steve Jobs’s company accuses the Taiwanese manufacturer of copying the iPhone’s interface and hardware with its products.

It should be noted that it is HTC that manufactures the Nexus One, marketed under the Google brand, launched in clear competition with smartphone from Apple, having also produced the first terminal with Android.

«We can sit around and watch the competition steal our patents or we can act,» says Steve Jobs, in a statement quoted by the international press. «We believe that the competition is healthy, but the competitors must bet on their own technology, and not steal ours.»

The patent war between manufacturers has been on the rise in recent months. Apple alone is awaiting three court decisions in disputes with Nokia, Fujitsu and now with HTC.