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Apple for the first time includes Android in its patent infringement charges

So far, the difference is that now Google and Android (Jelly Bean) were included in the process for infringing patents. The charge in the case of Android is that it uses an interface similar to the iPhone, and has similar functionality. Apple Samsung and Google

My opinion – Fanboys and copy / paste

One clear thing, the fear that Apple has to be passed behind (ej was in some segments), remember the story, formerly the main fight was with Microsoft, where Windows supplanted Mac OS, not only Macs. used on servers where Linux dominates widely, the only segment that Apple reigned secure (until recently) was Tablets and Smartphones, so a South Korean company called Samsung emerged in partnership with the most ubiquitous company in the world, the Google (with its Android), and created a platform good enough to be a competitor.

The accusations are always on intellectual property theft mostly, right Apple has to be satisfied that as a pioneer it was eventually dictating some standards, such as touchscreen Smartphones, and it is natural that other companies in the same segment base your models on successful molds.

Apple FanBoys

But one thing I find strange, how could Google copy iOS?

It's closer than Windows (but better!), Having an iPhone on hand, I believe, not enough to copy the right system? OK, you could observe the behavior of the OS, and then make yours have the same functions, of course it would be much easier for Apple to copy Jelly Bean than the contrary, Android, a free Linux-based system that is certainly more "studyable" than any iOS, and first of all in 2008 there were already prototypes of Jelly according to the site Gizmodo.

One sure thing, for Apple to stay active it needs more FS than USERS, I know some iPhone owners who would sell their soul to Tim Cook if Apple needed rare ingredients for the iPhone 6.

Of course, I mean that not every user of Maa products of this type, most of them are really users, and do not care so much for the brand, after all iPhones and iPads are products of excellent technology and quality, which I admire Fanboy Apple that buys its devices only because it has a Cupertino Maa stamped "on the body".

From the corporate point of view

Apple relies on Samsung for iPhone parts

One thing one thing, another thing else, the saying goes, a bit retractively even, Samsung obviously profits more from Apple than the other way around, including Apple heavily dependent on Samsung, the powerful iPhone A6 processing chip and The same RAM memories are produced by Samsung. Imagine if the company decided to boycott the iPhone what would happen?

Product Comparison

Want to sell your kidney to buy an iPhone, or how about buying the Galaxy S3 and selling the other kidney?

And there are still people who say that buying iPhone is rich, but you will buy an S3 with the same value practically, ironic at least, but at least when you buy an S3 you will be paying for a higher hardware with a more powerful processor, more Memory and ability to change the handset by adding SD cards, with a larger screen and not stuck to the Mac World.

  interesting to analyze the cost benefit without looking at the brand Honestly, what's the advantage of the iPhone? It is an excellent device, but if you compare last release values ​​and buy other Smartphones, such as HTC One X Plus becomes cowardly, HTC leaves the S3 behind and makes the iPhone 5 look like a (scientific) calculator.

How much is it worth to pay for the brand?

Think about what is best for you, what will meet your needs.

You must choose what benefits you

Instead of wasting so much time behind patents (which are never proven) and investing to create a new iPhone with more features than a larger size and a map system that doesn't work! Taking some time to teach Siri to speak Portuguese right would not be bad business, porting the 4G internet in Brazil is not. Focus n?

Apple also sued!

While the spotlight is on the lawsuit against Samsung, on the dark side of the stage Apple also takes its lawsuits.

That is, not all are flowers, this kind of dispute only serves to hinder the development of mobile technology in the world.

What is your opinion about it?

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