Apple Watch Series 3 by Gina Priano-Keyser

Apple Sues for Apple Watch Batteries

Many of you must know the maxim: another day, another process. This time, Apple was the subject of a class action related to the batteries of Apple Watches that swelled. As we reported, Apple’s limited warranty covers this type of problem on all models of the Apple Watch Series 3 and earlier – but the fact that this happens is already a nuisance to some customers.

Apple Watch Series 3 by Gina Priano-KeyserApple Watch Series 3 with the screen cracked.

This is exactly what the American Gina Priano-Keyser decided to do after the battery of her Apple Watch Series 3, acquired in October 2017, “unexpectedly separate” from the body of the watch during charging. Still according to her, since the incident last July, the Apple Watch has become virtually unusable.

The plaintiff claimed that all Apple Watch models, including the Series 4, are prone to “swelling” of the battery that causes not only the battery and display to detach, but also “cuts and burns,” according to others reports from users who faced the same problem.

In addition, the American believes that Apple knew of this hardware failure and, even so, put the gadgets for sale, subjecting the user to failure. She also accused Apple of breach of contract, since during the analysis of her Apple Watch at a Genius Bar service, the company employee attributed the problem to “accidental damage” and charged an extra fee of $ 230 to perform the repair.

In addition to Priano-Keyser, more than 12 New Jersey customers have also reported the problem on Apple Support forums and are taking part in the class action. According to the report, the plaintiff is charging a fine from Apple on behalf of all users who purchased an Apple Watch (in New Jersey) and were harmed by the failure. The amount of the indemnity was not disclosed.

The bloated battery took the screen off my Apple Watch.

Knowing this hardware failure, Apple extended, in 2017, the warranty for first generation Apple Watches up to three years from the original purchase date; therefore, owners of gadgets eligible customers experiencing this issue will not be charged for device repair / replacement.

via MacRumors