Apple sued in Europe for promoting Apple Watch on “iWatch” searches

Apple sued in Europe for promoting Apple Watch on “iWatch” searches

As everyone is already bald to know, the first "IProduct" launched by Apple was the iMac, in 1998. Since then, several “i” have followed: iBook, iPod, iTunes, iSight not all Ma products had this structure, but most of them did.

In 2007, the Apple TV started to break it even though it was originally presented to the world as "iTV". It took a little while, but now we are at a time when almost everything launched by the company "Apple + a generic term to designate the product / service" Apple Watch, Apple Music but a fact that, at the time of rumors about the clock, everyone referred to it as "IWatch". Tim Cook himself made a mistake and called him that in an interview, shortly after the launch.

Even if officially the name is not that, Apple also knows that many people think that the name of the product is, in fact, "iWatch". And she wasted no time, investing in Google searches with the keyword in order to bring users to the Apple Watch website. The question is that the brand is not hers and, at least in Europe, a company called Probendi decided to go to court against Ma.

The small company, based in Dublin (Ireland), claims to have even warned Apple about the use of its “iWatch” brand. Now, with evidence that she was against it, Probendi is looking for up to $ 97 million in reimbursement. According to the Bloomberg, a hearing for the case was scheduled for November 11.

Probendi also claims that it does not merely own the brand, but that it does have a smartwatch in development which will be cheaper than the Apple Watch and run the Android Wear operating system.

(via AppleInsider)