Link in SMS

Apple sued for supporting links in iMessage

Another day, another process. In today’s episode, the Apple was the target of a possible Patent troll, the company Hypertext Technologies, for incorporating support for clickable / playable links in the Messages app (via SMS or iMessage).

Filed in the Central District Court of California, the case refers to the patent under the number 7,113,801, which describes a “method for receiving data using SMS and wireless internet data to the system”. The technology was originally invented in 2001 by the Korean KTFreetel Ltd., which later merged with the giant Korea Telecom.

In 2006, an American version of the patent was created and, since then, it passed through several hands until it stopped in control of Hypertext – it is worth mentioning that the company does not create or commercialize any technological product that incorporates the aforementioned technology.

Link in SMS

After the patent was granted, Hypertext began to sue the legal sectors of several companies about the possible infringement of the invention, including Google, OnePlus, Coolpad and, now, Apple. In the case of Apple, specifically, the patent troll it is based on four possible infringements of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Like most patent infringement cases, Hypertext requires a judgment on the patent’s applicability, the payment of compensatory damages and royalties, in addition to the reimbursement of attorney fees.

Apple has not yet responded to the allegations.

via AppleInsider