Apple sued for infringing patents on Watch’s heart monitor

Cardiac monitoring on iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3

inevitable: a big company like Apple is always in the sights of others, whether for example, by launching something really impactful that can simply kill competitors suddenly or by launching something that someone, somewhere, says ?I already I saw that before ?. Because the Omni MedSci this second case seems to have felt in the skin. Or not and I explain.

The company recently filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that Ma is infringing its patented technology in the heart rate sensor Apple Watch, as revealed by Axios.

Cardiac monitoring on iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3

The interesting part of the story is that, according to Omni MedSci, company representatives met with Apple executives from 2014 to 2016 (most likely in talks for such technology to be used by Ma), but the Cupertino giant ended up ending discussions of unilaterally, implementing this feature on the Apple Watch for its own account.

Thus, Omni MedSci decided to file a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas (a state famous for being alongside companies known as Patent trolls), asking for an undisclosed amount for damages suffered.

And why did I comment on the processes involving patent trolls are mostly in Texas? Well, Omni MedSci owned by Mohammed Islam, who in 2015 was described by a Detroit news site as a ?poster boy for a patent professional?. Islam has no less than 6 companies and has already collected more than 150 patents with them.

In the article, there are some ?interesting? quotes, like the ones below:

If you are going to create a valuable patent, you will have to see where everything will be 20 years from now.


You can obtain a patent, or you can obtain a fundamental patent in legal disputes. an art form.

One of its main companies, Cheetah Omni, has already clashed with several market giants, such as Fujitsu, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Nokia and Siemens.

In 2015, Islam said Omni MedSci was working on a glucose monitor that uses lasers to monitor blood sugar levels. At the time, he said he had met with Apple about the product. In other words: if Ma launches something like this on Watch (and if it is not something that is the result of a partnership with such a company), she has already seen

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