Decision tree used by hospital in Europe to screen patients with COVID-19

Apple subsidiary grows amid Coronavirus pandemic

Yesterday, Apple released its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2020 and they were very positive – taking into account the whole pandemic scenario caused by the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Within the company’s product and service catalog, we had a very normal oscillation: while some (like the iPhone) fell, others (like the Apple Music and the App Store) rose – which makes a lot of sense because of the social isolation that many countries are facing. But there is an Apple business that has benefited greatly in this scenario, but that we haven’t even heard of. I mean the Claris, the subsidiary responsible for creating FileMaker.

In an interview with CNBC, the company’s CEO, Brad Freitag, said software in general (Claris business, of course) “is helping to heal the world”, also stating that “awareness of the low-cost software category among nonprofits, governments, health and education is high, the that can have an immediate, profound impact ”.

The company has been working with healthcare service providers to create applications very quickly and efficiently. For example: they worked with a hospital in Europe that has become critical to making medical decisions in real time for patients with COVID-19.

Decision tree used by hospital in Europe to screen patients with COVID-19

The screening was done on paper that had a decision tree drawn. The problem is that information changes very quickly in such a scenario, so every time they had to review the decision tree. The paper leaves the scene and a mobile app (created in just one day) enters, to help in this decision making as new information appears, creating a dynamic way to modify everything.

Still according to Freitag, several segments will undergo transformations and remote work will be one of the changes that will become permanent for many people – requiring many more software solutions that currently do not exist.

You never want a crisis to help your industry, but I think it will grow more than expected, partly because we’re going to slow down, and that will put more pressure on organizations to solve complex digital problems. In a strong market, they could solve everything with a bigger budget and industrial strength solutions, but now we will see a more pragmatic approach.

In this scenario, Claris is doing well: the company reported that the demand for customers (mostly from the health sector) has risen 50% from March to here. We will see how this new reality will impact the software economy.

via iMore