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Apple subsidiary FileMaker renamed Claris

The 1980s are really back in full force: we have the phenomenon Stranger Things, the abundant references in pop culture, the repopularization of artists of the time and now the return of the name Claris.

If you're not so into the tech world of decades ago, Claris was the original name of the FileMaker, Apple's subsidiary responsible for developing software such as MacDraw, MacWrite, MacPaint and, of course, FileMaker itself. The company was created in 1986, under the leadership of John Sculley, with the intention of eventually becoming an independent company plans that were later canceled.

Throughout the 1990s, FileMaker became the company's best-selling and most popular software; With this (and with Apple losing money every quarter and seeing the cat climb on the roof), it was decided to rename Claris with the name of its flagship product, as the company's other programs had already been discontinued. So it has remained for the last two decades, and now we are seeing a return to its origins.

Change from FileMaker to Claris

To be clear, the FileMaker platform will continue to have its usual name, only its developer that changes its name. And the change is justified: Claris wants to start expanding its product portfolio, something that has already begun with the acquisition last March of startup italian app management Stamplay (then, reported as a purchase from Apple itself), which is now called Claris connect.

Last March, Claris (still FileMaker, then) gained a new CEO, Brad Freitag. In a recent statement to The verge, the executive stated that he envisions new changes in the company soon, with the intention of bringing new services to the market; He also explained the choice of the old name in the process of rebranding, stating that the company "is proud of its legacy."

Well then.