Apple strikes Google in the advertising war

Apple strikes Google in the advertising war

The war on Apple and Google has heated up again in recent days, with the movements of the giants in the online advertising market. And entitled to an investigation by the competition authority in the United States, according to the Financial Times.

After Google managed to buy AdMob (which Apple also wanted), Steve Jobs’ company changed its contractual rules to prevent competitor advertising from accessing devices like the iPad or iPhone – which is the biggest source of «pageviews» for AdMob, says analyst Greg Sterling, contacted by USA Today.

According to several media in the international press, Apple introduced a contractual amendment that restricts the conditions under which programmers can include in their applications advertisements that use tools designed to record information about access to the advertised pages.

According to Greg Sterling, this precludes advertisers’ interest in advertising («no one is going to buy ads»), as they have no way of assessing how many, or «what kind of,» consumers are seeing the ads.

El Pais states that the type of amendment to the contract with developers is specifically aimed at targeting advertising distributed through AdMob, as it restricts the use of analytical tools to advertising provided by «independent» companies: not linked to any manufacturer mobile phones or have a mobile operating system – like Google, or Microsoft, for example.

The matter has been the subject of some dispute and, according to the Financial Times, it will already be the subject of an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, for placing artificial barriers to competition. The newspaper cites «knowledgeable source» for the investigation, but the information has not, however, yet been officially confirmed.

In his blog, the founder of the company now bought by Google, even says that this change prevents application developers from turning to AdMob and accuses Apple of not acting «in the best interests of users and developers».

The contractual «news» of the apple giant comes shortly after Google managed to complete the purchase of AdMob (which also involved an FTC investigation) and Apple created its advertising company, iAds, which should start operating at the end this month and will have sold more than $ 60 million in ads.