Apple Stores reopen (and close again) in the USA; Uruguay app uses Apple and Google API [atualizado]

Anúncio na Apple Fifth Avenue

Some regions of the United States hostage to the new pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), where almost 2.5 million people have already been infected – according to Worldometer data.

Precisely for this reason, some places where Apple had already reopened its stores needed to be closed again due to a new spike in contamination, as we will see below.

Furthermore, on this side of the American continent, the Uruguay launched a new exposure alert app that features the API developed by Apple and Google.

Apple Stores in the USA

A few weeks after the start of the pandemic, the head of retail and people at Apple, Deirdre O’Brien, stated that the company would be constantly analyzing the evolution of the number of cases in the regions where it has stores to assess the best time to reopen (or not) its doors.

In the US, this analysis has already led to the reopening of several stores across the country – however, some of them have closed again due to a new spike in cases.

Accordingly, Apple will today close the following stores located in the TexasHighland Village, First Colony Mall, Houston Galleria, Memorial City, Willowbrook Mall, Baybrook and The Woodlands.

Last week, Apple had closed its units in the Arizona, at North Caroline, at South Carolina and on Florida due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in these regions, with no forecast of when these stores will be able to reopen.

Meanwhile, starting this week, several other Apple stores will reopen in the US and Canada. Locations that will again receive customers include stores in the following American states: Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Virginia and Wisconsin, in addition to the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Globally, Apple has already started reopening stores in all regions where it operates, except in the Brazil and in Mexico.

Uruguay’s exhibition alert app

The Uruguayan government recently launched its first official app on the new Coronavirus, which incorporates exposure alert technology created by Apple and Google.

Coronavirus UY app icon

For the contribution, the CEO of Maçã, Tim Cook, sent a letter to the President of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou, celebrating the launch of the app – which was republished on Twitter:

We share a distinction that makes the Uruguayan people proud and, above all, the professionals who place Uruguay at the forefront of the countries of America in technological matters. Thanks @tim_cook for the contribution @apple, along with @google, makes to the global community.

Several countries in Europe and Asia have already adopted or are in the process of implementing the API in their Coronavirus apps; at the Brazil, the Coronavirus – SUS app did not incorporate the technology, nor did it show signs of doing so.

Update, for Rafael Fischmann Jun 25, 2020 at 15:50

AND 14 other Apple Stores will be closed again in the Florida as of tomorrow, according to Mark Gurman. Unfortunately, things are not good …