Apple stores new version of Mac OS operating system

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Apple is putting in stores today the new version of its Mac OS operating system, 10.4, which is code-named Tiger. In Portugal, sales of the new package start at 6 pm in the stores of the main national distributors of the brand.

In the new version of the operating system, users of Macintosh computers will have access to 200 new features, but have to pay 129 euros to do the upgrade in the single seat version. European users will pay more for this upgrade than its North American counterparts, for which the cost is 129 dollars (which corresponds to 99.54 euros at today’s conversion rate).

It should also be noted that Apple maintains its policy of upgrade operating system, forcing users to buy a new package or a new computer with the updated operating system.

Among the more than 200 new features that Apple claims to have added to the operating system, some stand out related to computer research, a mini application package, improvements to browser and iChat.

In terms of computer research, Apple’s proposal is called Spotlight and, as Google and Yahoo have already done, it is proposed to help users find the files they have stored on their computer easier, presenting them in a single interface responses to email, music or video surveys.

Apple also highlights the Dashboard, a set of mini-applications that retrieve updated information from the Internet about stock prices, weather forecasts, aircraft schedules or even currency quotes. Accessible through a function key, the Dashboard should allow faster access to interesting data for the user who should configure it according to his preferences.

For the Safari browser, Apple also guaranteed an update in terms of the use of RSS content, identifying and showing web content with this format in a simplified way. Tiger also includes the new version of QuickTime (7) and iChat AV for video conferencing and instant messaging.

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