Apple Stores in Japan and Canada open; new store will open in Connecticut

Apple Stores in Japan and Canada open; new store will open in Connecticut

We blinked, and Apple (re) opened two new stores: Apple Kawasakiin Japan and Apple Eaton Centerin Canada. As usual, dozens of the company's customers were checking out the opening of Ma's latest units and getting some free gifts, of course.

In addition, the Cupertino giant confirmed, without much fanfare, that open a new store in Norwalk, in the US state of Connecticut. The company's banners have already been placed in the newly opened shopping center The SoNo Collection. To top it off, she double in size another one also in Torontoin Canada, as we will see below.


As expected, Apple opened last Saturday (14/12) its 10th and newest store in Japan at Shopping Lazona in Kawasaki. The opening, however, attracted dozens (if not hundreds) of people at the venue, with Ma having to arrange a queue for all visitors to access the store.

An hour and a half until the opening and that's the line in the square. There are people waiting outside. #Apple

The Apple Kawasaki design is simple but modern. The store is located in a courtyard area of ​​the mall, which allowed the company to install a glass and stone structure on the front, where is its logo. Inside, the store offers ample space for shopping and the sessions of the Today at Apple, besides having a Video wall.

#Apple opened !!!

Like other Apple openings, Apple Kawasaki employees gave visitors reminders of the opening day that included an eco-friendly bag, a sticker and a button.

Check out the exact moment customers started entering the store:

#Apple is open !!


Earlier this month, we reported that another Apple store would also be (re) open: the Apple Eaton Center. On the same day as its opening in Japan, customers of the company from across the world (in this case, in the west) also celebrated the new Apple Store at one of the largest shopping centers in the world.

To reopen the Apple Eaton Center, Ma closed its old facility in one place, but for one great reason: it is now almost twice the size of the old location and has all of the company's new design features, including new displays. exhibition Forum is Video wall.

Apple Store Eaton Center overview. The doors are cool. At Avenues allow you to play and try products, test cameras and headsets, including AirPods. Today at Apple there are sessions all day at ForumI hope we have more stores with this style in Canada soon.

The images below were also published by the editor in chief of iMoreRene Ritchie:


Swipe to tour 📲 Apple Eaton Center Series 2. #AppleStore #Canada 🇨🇦

Also in Toronto, Apple plans to open a new 955-square-foot space at Fairview Mall – nearly double the current space. Apple fairview.

New Apple Store in TorontoThe new store location highlighted in yellow

The opening date has not yet been announced, but the new space will be right next to the structure used today on the second floor of the mall. As always, the new space will have a more modern design with a Forum it is a Video wall for holding the sessions of the Today at AppleLarge glass doors and wooden shelves on the walls for accessories.


Finally, Apple officially announced the arrival of a new store in the newly opened shopping center The SoNo Collection, the first in Norwalk as reported by The hour. The new complex allowed Ma to invest in a store in the area, as the nearest Apple Stores are located in Stamford and Greenwich all still have the company's former retail design.

The announcement, however, was already expected: some rumors about the opening of a new Apple store in the region began circulating last July, even before the mall opened. Ma's new store will be located on the first floor of the complex, Nordstrom's next new unit.

There is no information as to when the new store will open, but certainly Ma will disclose more details in the coming months.

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