Apple Store, VillageMall is fined once again by Procon State

In a new stage of his so-called “Operao Mutley” (in contrast to what happened in November last year, when an inspector acted alone after visiting the store as a consumer), State Procon today assessed the Apple Store, VillageMall in Rio de Janeiro (yes, right in the middle of the Olympics).

Several irregularities were found in the operation of the store, including not only the traditional long wait for unscheduled service (the State Procon found that the queue reaches up to 1:40 am), but also the absence of information posters and documents required by law.

The Apple Store's balance sheet was as follows:

Apple (VillageMall): absence of clearly visible prices to consumers.

Absence of preferential cash.

Absence of certificate from the Fire Department.

Absence of poster to combat violence against women.

Absence of the telephone number and address of Procon Estadual in the tax coupon.

Absence of the 151 poster.

The inspectors found that the queue for technical assistance was approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes for those who had not booked online.

The problem with care is critical and has been going on for a long time; unfortunately this assessment will not change this scenario in the short term.

It is obvious that increasing staff from the VillageMall store itself would help, but Apple will only be able to serve this entire demand well (directly, of course; after all, there are several Authorized Service Centers for that) with more stores spread across the city and the rest of the country.

Furthermore, the assessment appears to me to be super valid.

These are obvious and even strange flaws for a company the size of Apple, with a local subsidiary that has (or should have) knowledge of Brazilian laws.

Fortunately, she shouldn't have a hard time fixing it all.

(required to all who sent us this tip!)