Temporary Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York

Apple store on NY’s 5th Avenue was plagued by bedbugs – and other retail news

You’re probably laughing guilty (or not) at the title above, so I’ll skip introductions – here are the latest news from retail from Apple around the world, days after the ex-boss Angela Ahrendts officially left.

New York

Temporary Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New YorkApple temporary store on Fifth Avenue

Yes, it is real: as the New York Post, Apple’s temporary store on Fifth Avenue in New York was infested by bedbugs – which has caused chaos among its employees in the past week.

The space is just behind the iconic glass cube that houses the “real” Apple store, closed for renovations until God knows when. It is not known whether the insects invaded (or came from) the construction site, but the situation at the temporary establishment appears to have been really critical for almost a month.

According to sources heard by the report, officials are on alert, feeling insecure and afraid to take the infestation home. A week after Apple sent a pest control company to the store and said that “there was no reason to worry anymore”, the insects reappeared in large numbers – one of the employees even filmed a bug walking in his coat.

Only last Friday (12/4), then, the store management recognized that the problem persisted and instructed employees to store their belongings in two plastic bags, one inside the other, while a sniffer dog tried to find the focus of the store. infestation. One day last week, the store – which is open 24 hours a day – closed for a few hours to deal with a “water leak”, a mere cover to deal with the real problem.

Locker room for employees at Apple's temporary store on Fifth Avenue after bed bug infestationStaff locker room after infestation | Image: New York Post

Apparently, over the weekend, the insects were definitely wiped out, but the employees’ bad impression remains. One of them New York Post that “I shouldn’t go to work feeling insecure and unprotected”, while another complained that Apple did not warn about the temporary closure of the store – some employees came to work and found their doors closed.

There are problems to solve there, huh, Apple?


To the northwest of there, the news is also not particularly encouraging for Apple, although for a completely different reason. Last February, we saw the renders major renovation of the Apple Pacific Center, in Vancouver (Canada), which would occupy an entire entrance to the eponymous shopping center after a good renovation. Plans are now in jeopardy, as reported by the local blog City Duo.

Render of the Apple Pacific Center in VancouverRender Apple Pacific Center

The Vancouver City Council expressed, at a recent meeting, a “preliminary disapproval” of the expansion project for the Pacific Center mall – which naturally includes the renovation of the Apple store. According to information, the council members approved the store design itself, but criticized the use of public space in the expansion project and asked that the building be moved to another location.

The agents also questioned the (lack of) integration of the store’s architecture with the rest of the shopping center, asking that a large green wall, with natural vegetation, designed for the back of the store, be relocated. The mall’s management responded that it would not know how to deal with those demands, to which the council replied that they could proceed with the previous expansion proposal – which offers less public space, but it is not known if it contemplates the Apple store project.

The decision is not yet final: the Vancouver Urban Licensing Council will vote on the issue on May 13th, and only then will we know what will be the destination of the Apple in Vancouver. Will the recent results in Stockholm and Melbourne influence anything?


While problems surround Apple in New York and Vancouver, a little further south things are going relatively well, thanks: after closing two very old stores in Texas (possibly) due to patents, Apple opened the doors of the replacement of the dead spaces : a Apple Galleria Dallas, located in the homonymous shopping mall in the Texan city.

Our reader Eduardo Renzetti Cardoso he was at the store a few days after its opening and, very kindly, he gave us some pictures (thanks!) that he took of the new space. Check it out (click on the images to enlarge):

New Apple Galleria Dallas, Texas (photo: Eduardo Renzetti Cardoso)

Apple Galleria Dallas | Ren Eduardo Renzetti Cardoso

Unlike other recent Apple openings, such as the Apple Champs-Élysées or the Apple Iconsiam, the new Dallas store does not have great visual or location attractions; even so, it is a very careful construction of the company, with the right to all the retail elements introduced in recent years, such as the big screen. Today at Apple and the shelves recessed into the wall.

Pretty, isn’t it?


On the other side of the Atlantic, the news is also positive: as informed by the Evening Standard, Apple has very advanced plans to open its sixth store in London – and it is not in any location: we are talking about one of the most luxurious shopping addresses in the city, in Knightsbridge.

Knightsbridge Estate, where Apple can open its sixth store in London (UK)Render Knightsbridge Estate renovations

According to the report, Apple has already signed a contract with Chelsfield, a real estate company that is renovating one of the historic buildings in the region to transform it into the Knightsbridge Estate – a complex of stores, offices, restaurants and residential apartments. The building is located between two of London’s most famous department stores, Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

The information, for now, is still treated as a rumor, since Apple has not officially confirmed it. We’ll keep an eye out.

Other reforms

In addition to the major renovations, openings and plans covered above, Apple also continues its plan to make minor renovations to local stores so that they bring their latest retail experiences. THE 9to5Mac recently listed some of those plans.

We have, for example, the Apple Columbia, in the homonymous city of the state of Maryland. There, Apple plans to move from the current space, of about 500m², to another area recently vacated by Abercrombie & Fitch, with about 750m²; Apple has already requested the removal of some non-structural columns from space, which symbolizes that the renovation will really be profound. There is still no forecast for the change.

THE Apple Scottsdale Quarter, in turn, will have an even smaller renovation: its furniture will be replaced and the store will be reorganized, with the old Genius counter replaced by the support tables and the inclusion of the TV screen. Today at Apple and stools for the Forum. The screen, even, will be in an unusual place: in the middle of the store, instead of at the bottom, effectively creating a division between two sectors in the space – which is expected, considering that the store has entrances on two opposite sides.

Other stores have similar renovations planned soon, such as the Apple Eton (in Woodmere, Ohio) and Apple Ridge Hill (in Yonkers, New York). Another three are closed for this type of reform: Apple Passeig de Grácia (in Barcelona), Apple Bondi (in Bondi Junction, Australia) and Apple Pioneer Place (in Portland, USA).

According to the 9to5Mac, more than 70 screens Today at Apple will be installed in stores around the world only in 2019. It’s a good pace, isn’t it?