Apple Store in California Suffers Armed Robbery

Apple stores in the United States, in particular, have seen a rise in the robbery rate in recent months, especially because of its "open" nature and lack of protection so much that Ma has already filed a patent to invisibly improve the space security.

Occurrences involving firearms, on the other hand, are much rarer in company domains. That's exactly what happened this week at Apple Valencia Town Center, However.

According to Signal, the store, located in the city of Valencia (California), was raided by three men on the morning of Wednesday (26/6), about an hour after its opening. When the bad guys started picking up iPhones and Apple Watches from the tables, one of the store employees stood in the doorway; At this point, one of the men pulled out a firearm and raised it in the air, threatening the staff and customers present. The trio then fled in a car driven by a suspicious room.

According to local police, no one was injured by the action, and the store management was unable to report the value lost from the theft of the goods. The suspects have not yet been captured, and an investigation is underway to find them.

The trio that orchestrated the robbery is unlikely to have anything to do with the gang that stormed Apple's California store a few months ago. Still, there is a record of continuing a sad trend and, what is worse, with a rise in the degree of violence of the actions. The hope is that Apple and the police can think of a way to curb these occurrences.

via Cult of Mac