Apple Store in Arizona wins design award; Sydney store will close in January

Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square

The latest news about Apple Stores around the world bring a very important novelty to the company: the design of the Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square, in the American state of Arizona, was awarded in an important contest by the American newspaper The Architect’s Newspaper, as we will see below.

In addition Apple Sydney (in Australia) will close next month for a major renovation. In return, another location of the company, in Toronto (in Canada), will be reopened this week. See also the photos of the reopening of the Apple Hillsdale, in California.

Apple Store in Arizona wins design award

As we said, the Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square won an important design award from the newspaper The Architect’s Newspaper, one of the most prominent architectural vehicles in the USA.

The Apple Store in question has some details that differ it even from other Apple stores, such as a circle-shaped ceiling and a small “square” open to the environment. The editors of Architect’s Newspaper also highlighted the choice of these design features:

Arizona’s desert environment requires a different approach to protecting Apple’s iconic glazing system. The internal roof extends to act as an external shading device, establishing visual connections and reducing the distinction between indoor and outdoor environments. Designed from a cantilever at a notable distance from the building’s facade, the sunshade exhibits structural slenderness. This simple and elegant frame, combined with the store’s low height, results in an iconic and humble building.

Until then, Apple competed with a retail unit of the French luxury brand Christian Dior – which usually wastes wealth at its retail outlets – in Chicago and a shopping center in Springfield (Missouri).

Sydney store to close in January

The Cupertino giant recently announced that its main store in Sydney, Australia, will be temporarily closed on January 5, 2020 to receive “creative updates”, aka: it will be renovated.

Apple Sydney reform notice

The store opened in June 2008 and is the company’s first unit in Australia. Since then, the company hasn’t made any major changes to the point, and considering Apple Store renovations in recent years, Apple Sydney’s makeover was more than expected.

During the renovation period, customers will be able to shop at Apple Bondi or at Apple Broadway, just outside Sydney. There is still no prediction of how long the reforms will last, but of course this could take months.

Apple Eaton Center reopening date

Last week, we reported that the Apple Eaton Center will be reopened (after a change and a consequent expansion) this month. Now, we know exactly when that will happen: on the day December 14next Saturday at 9 am local time.

Apple Eaton Center

The date had already been speculated previously, but Apple just needed to confirm the news. As with other renovations and reopening, the new Apple Eaton Center will feature a Video Wall, one Forum and other new design elements from the company. The store will also have stone walls and a Terrazzo-coated floor to match.

Photos: Apple Hillsdale reopens

We had also reported last week that the reopening of the Apple Hillsdale, in California, would take place last Saturday, December 7 – and it did! Check out some images of the new (and relocated) Apple unit in the San Francisco Bay region below:

Apple took advantage of the move to naturally redesign the store. The place now has a glass and stone facade that matches the aesthetic of the shopping center courtyard. Inland, there are new service and sales stalls (such as the Genius Groove) seen in other units, combining all this with a new space for the sessions of the Today at Apple is Video Wall.

As always, everything is very neat. Did you like it?

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