Apple Store employees will gain access to Apple TV + and Apple Arcade

Apple Store employees will gain access to Apple TV + and Apple Arcade

If you work in a apple storeIt is possible that your New Year will come with little extra benefit from Ma: according to sources close to the issue, employees in her retail area will have free access to Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.

The sources so far are somewhat mismatched. It is not known whether all retail employees will receive the benefit or only those working in the sales area dealing with customers; There is also no information at this time as to whether the benefit extends to employees around the world or whether the news is limited to the United States.

According to a note received by MacRumors (which seems to be the most concrete information yet), Apple Store and AppleCare support employees, S1 through S5, will have access to Apple Arcade and Apple TV + from January 6. There was speculation that Apple Music would also be part of the package, but that does not seem to be the case.

One thing, however, is that employees will only be entitled to individual access to these services, without the ability to enable Family Sharing to split the account with up to five family members.

According to 9to5MacApple Store employees will still be entitled to an extra benefit: a $ 100 discount on an Apple Watch purchase between January and March.

Free Gentile Tests

In addition, another benefit was granted to Ma employees in Cupertino (not retail only): free genetic tests, performed at AC Wellness It is the exclusive workforce of the company and its families.

According to the CNBC, the initiative an Apple partnership with Color Genomics, a company in the field of genetic analysis. The idea for employees to be tested for possible risks and problems that may manifest later in life; Thereby, precautionary and treatment measures can be taken before the conditions become more severe.

Very cool, isn't it?