Apple Store application gains support for Dark Mode; Instagram, Twitter, Google Maps and more are updated

Apple Store application gains support for Dark Mode;  Instagram, Twitter, Google Maps and more are updated

Among the most recent app updates, we’ll see that the app Apple Store finally gained support for iOS 13 Dark Mode.

In addition, the Instagram has been updated with new features that give more control in filtering comments and markup in posts. Speaking of comments, the Twitter it also introduced a new way to highlight the retweets of a publication.

We will also check out the news that the latest app updates Google Maps, Infuse and SmartGym they brought.

Apple Store

Apple Store app icon

After the Apple Support app became Dark Mode compatible, now it’s time for Apple Store to receive the novelty – which, according to Apple, “integrates perfectly with the app”.

Apple Store App

The Apple Store app is dedicated to buying new products and scheduling sessions from Today at Apple on ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌, and the addition of Dark Mode will certainly be welcome, given the increased use of the app since several of the company’s physical stores remain closed.


Instagram app icon

Instagram this week announced a new tool to help people manage multiple unwanted comments at the same time as a way to combat the bullying online.

We know that it can seem overwhelming to manage a flood of negative comments, so we’ve tested the ability to delete comments in bulk, as well as block or restrict multiple accounts that post negative comments.

To activate this feature on iOS, tap “Comments” on the dotted icon in the upper right corner; then select “Manage comments” and choose up to 25 comments to delete at once. Touch “More options” to block or restrict accounts in bulk.

Delete bulk comments on Instagram

In addition to the ability to remove comments in droves, Instagram will soon start testing the option to pin them. According to the company, this feature will provide people with a way to set the tone for certain publications by setting a selected number of comments at the top of that segment.

Pin Instagram Comments

While the first novelty is already being distributed for iOS and Android, it is not yet known when the second will start to be tested.


Twitter app icon

Twitter app icon

Twitter introduced a new feature for its iOS / iPadOS (and macOS) app that makes it easier to recognize quotes (retweets, or retweets) with and without comments, as they often go unnoticed.

Therefore, now all shares are shown in a list that can be accessed by clicking on “Retweets” in a tweet, as seen in the following video:

Don’t miss the tweets about your tweet. Now, on iOS, you can view retweets with comments in one place.

Although Twitter highlighted the novelty only on iOS / iPadOS, developer Steve Troughton-Smith found that the feature was made available immediately for macOS – which until then was taboo for Twitter for Mac customers.

Twitter has launched a new feature and it is available immediately in the macOS application. Say what you want about the Twitter app for Mac, but that’s all I wanted on a native desktop client for a long, long time.

Google Maps

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

Google Maps has been updated with a small change to the “Share Location” interface, which allows others to see your location in real time in the app.

Share location on Google Maps

Precisely, the blue bar that existed at the top of the app has been removed and, now, the information of who shares the location is greater. The button to add more users to the share also gained more prominence.


Infuse 6 app icon

The Infuse video player has been updated with a series of news and improvements, including native integration with Emby and Jellyfin servers, visual tags for HDR and Dolby Vision compatible content, and support for Dropbox for Business.

Infuse 6.4 is here! Native support for @embyapp and @jellyfin, spoiler-free TV episodes, new ratings, TV show dates, HDR tags and more!

Among the improvements are: improved integration for media server shares, faster loading in library categories, enhanced Plex thumbnail cache, and updated video detail layout.


SmartGym app icon: with Home Workouts

Finally, the new version of the well-known app for monitoring workouts and physical activities gained a feature that users often request: viewing individual series.

With this, in addition to tracking which exercises you did, it is also possible to check which series have already been performed. In addition, the Apple Watch app has also been updated with improvements.