Apple Store app wins store bath; Google Maps now has anonymous browsing

Screenshot do app Chirp for Twitter

It was that time of day to put Wi-Fi / 4G to work and download the interesting updates they painted on the App Store.

Just check out what we have on today’s menu!

Apple Store

The official Apple shopping app won a store bath in the tab «Purchase», which is now in a new design and features richer visuals, better personalization and even more relevant information. With the novelty, the «Discover» tab is gone, since Apple is using a lot of it in the new «Buy» tab.

Apple Store app icon

Apple did not comment on the list of news, but now it is also possible to save tickets in the Wallet app for purchases that will be picked up at company stores (Pickup, something that is not yet available in Brazil, unfortunately) and for your reservations at Today at Apple (these are available here).

Google Maps

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

Google has added a good privacy control option to Google Maps. It is now possible to use the anonymous browsing when the person doesn’t want their activities, like places searched or routes traveled, to be saved to their Google account.

The news had already been announced a long time ago, but it just arrived now.


Procreate app icon

There are many new features in this 5.0 version of Procreate – literally hundreds of new features!

The highlights are for: Animation Assistance (helps to create rich illustrations, GIFs in loop and more), Brush Studio (you can customize more than 100 adjustments and create your brush the way you want), new graphics engine called Valkyrie (with sophisticated shading and 120fps on compatible devices) and Color Dynamics (play with the hue , saturation and brightness).

There are also new features such as Color Mini Panel (drag the Color Panel to speed up your workflow, creating a smaller panel that is activated while you paint), Color History (stores the last 10 colors used, always within reach and ready) for use), Color Profiles (new import of CMYK and RGB ICC color profiles), Color Harmony (choose between Complementary, Split Complementary, Analog, Triadic and Tetradic profiles), redefined interface (which maintains familiarity for those who already are used to the app) and more!


Slack app icon

If you like to format your own messages, Slack now allows you to do this with just a few taps using the new formatting tool in the message field.

In addition, they fixed a bug that caused the app to freeze when loading messages containing many custom emojis and another that caused a failure to save a file to Slack and then try to open it in the Files app.

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club app icon

One of the most used apps for race monitoring has gained a updated experience post-exercise information. The new version has an updated layout, better metrics, dynamic map display and advanced pace tables to visualize your run.

Chirp for Twitter

Chirp for Twitter app icon

The definitive Twitter client for the Apple Watch has reached version 2.0 with many new features, including a new timeline (with infinite scrolling), different colors for usernames, an improved video player, Dark Mode support, authentication easier using the Twitter app on the iPhone (if you have it installed, of course), images and tweets can now be viewed in DMs and more.

Good news for us, Brazilians and Portuguese, is that the app now supports both Brazilian and Portuguese Portuguese, as well as other languages ​​such as German, Norwegian Bokmål, Chinese, Danish, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese and Russian – not to mention, of course, in many bug fixes and general optimizations.