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Apple Store app starts to work in Brazil too

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Apple Store app

Apple has a special application for its physical stores, which is great: in addition to having all the products and making it possible to purchase via iPhone or iPad, it also notifies you when we have an appointment at the Genius Bar and even allows you to buy in stores with Easy Pay, the system that allows you to take a product, pay directly on the iPhone and leave with it, without having to talk to the seller.

The problem is that we didn’t have an Apple store here in Brazil, so the app wouldn’t even open. In February, the store came, but even so until the beginning of this week, the application still did not work in our country. But that changed with the last update and it is now possible to use it with Brazilian accounts.

Who alerted us to the news was our reader Rafael Vannucci. In fact, now the application works normally with our store, including lists of refurbished Macs and iPads, sold at a lower price. The products are the same as those offered in the Apple Store Online.

Apple Store app

The curious thing is that the application itself is not yet available on the Brazilian App Store, being possible to download only with an American account or from another country that has Apple stores. Soon, it should be fully available to us, which is great news, because with new stores opening soon, we will be able to make the most of everything that Apple offers us. ?