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Apple Store app is updated, but still unavailable in the Brazilian store

Last November, Apple launched the app Apple Store exclusive for iPads. At the time we commented that the movement went beyond strange, since the company could easily update the application for iPhones / iPods touch, making it universal, that is, compatible with all iGadgets.

Apple Store app for iOS

Well guess what happened! Ma seems to have repaired the mess it made and updated the app for iPhones / iPods touch today, making it compatible / optimized for iPads too. Interestingly, the iPad-only torque is still available in the store but it should be gone very soon.

In addition, the new version (3.0) of the app brings interesting features such as the possibility to start shopping on one device and finish on another (including Macs / PCs), to find out about upcoming events and workshops in stores close to Ma ( using the new Stores guide), a completely new design for iPhones / iPods touch with more refined navigation and cooler images, and the option of making reservations for the One to One service on iPads.

Despite the update, the application remains unavailable in the Brazilian App Store, even six months after the first Apple Retail Store was opened here in Brazil.

Apple Store iOS app error

In addition, even for those who have an American account and have already downloaded the app, he still shows an error when trying to book a time slot at Genius Bar.

Apple Store app icon

Apple Store

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Version 5.8 (82.5 MB) Requires iOS 12.0 or higher Not available on the Brazilian App Store!