Apple Store app is now available to Brazilians, with free apps

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Apple Store app

Any country that has physical Apple stores also has access to a special app called Apple Store, which allows you to easily browse and even make purchases directly on your iPhone or iPad. But even with the opening of the store in Rio de Janeiro, in February 2014, and now with the one in São Paulo, we Brazilians still couldn’t use the special app, for some unknown reason.

However, this changed on Thursday and now Brazilians can now download the app from the Apple Store, which in addition to giving access to the store, also distributes free apps.

Yesterday, when it was released, it had download problems and was down for a few hours. But it is now possible to download it normally.

With the app, it is possible to buy products in the store, search for the nearest Apple Store (in Brazil there are only two, but who knows, that might change in the future?) And make an appointment to go to the Genius Bar or participate in a workshop. All right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. He also interacts with iBeacons, which are proximity sensors that can identify where you are in the store and send you personalized messages. Anatel recently approved these devices, which indicates that Apple intends to use them in Brazilian stores.

Apple Store app

If you have the app installed, whenever you open a link from the Apple Store (like this one) on your iPhone or iPad, it will open the app and no longer the Safari web page. The goal is to facilitate the possible purchase, as the application allows you to be already connected to your account, without having to enter passwords. The new version also brings compatibility with Touch ID.

* Beware of confusion: App Store and Apple Store are different things. The first installs applications and the second is the Apple retail store. ?

Another very nice benefit, even for those who do not want to buy anything in the store, is that from time to time, Apple offers an application as a gift, which can only be downloaded for free through the Apple Store app. At the moment, what is on sale is the Sky Guide (which in the normal store is $ 1.99). To download it via iPhone, just open the stores section and you will see the app at the bottom of the page. On the iPad, we couldn’t figure out how to download.

Apple Store app

It’s pretty cool that we finally have access to the app. It is the definitive confirmation that the Apple Store came to Brazil, offering all the features it offers in other countries. To download the app from the Apple Store, just follow this link.