Apple stops offering cover for iPhone 4

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On September 30th, Apple will end the program of free distribution of protective covers to all buyers of the latest model of their iPhone. Following complaints from users of the equipment, who alleged loss of signal when they grabbed a specific area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe equipment, Apple announced in July a program to make covers available free of charge.

The covers minimize the effect of signal loss and are being distributed free of charge with the new iPhone 4 to all buyers. Those who, at the launch date of the program, had already purchased equipment and a cover were also entitled to a refund of the money, as well as those who had purchased only the smartphone.

In a note posted on the website, Apple now says that, after reevaluating the problem, it realized that its impact is even less than initially considered and therefore will put an end to the widespread distribution of covers for free.

The company says that it remains, however, available to offer covers to users with equipment actually affected by the problem, which, he says, is ¬ęa small percentage¬Ľ. In these cases, the cover must be requested through the company‚Äôs customer support services.

When in July it announced the program, Apple had already said that at the end of September it would reassess the situation. The equipment sold after the end of the month will thus be left out of the program, which aimed to minimize the loss of signal from the equipment, identified in some copies, when grabbed on the left side, in the lower zone.