Apple still dominates computer market with prices above $ 1,000

Based on sales data from North American stores, the NPD said today that Macs continue to dominate the computer market with prices in excess of $ 1,000. During the fourth quarter of 2009, Apple maintained 90% of market share in this segment of the market, still managing to decrease the average price paid for its computers by US $ 1,500 in relation to the Q4 of 2008, this value dropped to US $ 1,361 last year.

Price ranges adopted by ApplePrice ranges adopted by Apple: note that Macs only appear from $ 600

Although this is good for the company after all, practically all users who choose higher-value machines choose Macs, dominating only this price range of the computer market has done nothing to decrease the use of Windows PCs around the globe. Incidentally, the overwhelming majority of them that are sold in American stores have prices in the range of $ 500, an area in which many analysts believe that Apple will compete only in 2010, with nothing more than its new iPad.

There are two problems with this idea: first, the Apple tablet was not designed to compete with computers; secondly, it is important to note that her more accessible products are also doing very well in sales. We highlighted the good numbers of the Mac mini here for a few days, for example. Both he and the MacBook doubled their market share in 2009, thanks to the addition of good news in their hardware and (in the case of the MacBook) a slight drop in prices compared to 2008.

Meanwhile, PC sales are going through a curious moment, which is the constant reduction in the average price paid for a machine. In 2009, that figure in the United States dropped to just $ 475, at a pace that could even turn $ 500 computers into machines. premium in the future.

(image: Boy Genius Report.)

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