Apple steps up iPhone advertising with new feature page [atualizado 2x]

If sales go bad, so that advertising increases that is the rule in trade since the world world, and it can not be different with one of the largest companies on the planet. As a result, Apple recently updated the iPhone feature page with a new campaign named “That's iPhone” (“That's the iPhone”), highlighting and explaining some of the key differentiators of their smartphones.

Campaign Page

The page is now fully organized into quadrants, each representing one of the aspects Apple has selected. We have over 30 comics highlighting differentials or features such as device water resistance, privacy, AirDrop, group FaceTime, Do Not Disturb mode, Memoji, Search My iPhone, Apple Pay, Wallet, Face ID, Dual SIM, encrypted iMessage messaging and more. more.

By tapping / clicking on any of the comics, the page gives more details about the selected feature, either with informational text or a video. Some videos, incidentally, were also posted on the company's YouTube channel. Check out:

If the visitor wants, he / she can click / touch a link that will take him / her to another page with more information about that aspect some of these pages, including quick tips on how to use the feature in question, such as Memoji or the virtual measurement application of iOS.

For both experienced users and those just starting out in the iOS world (or thinking about doing so soon), the page is a cool territory to explore for your useful information and some tips that may go unnoticed. Good news, Apple!

via MacRumors

Update by Eduardo Marques 3/9/2019 4:40 PM

Today Apple posted a few more videos that are already on the page on its YouTube channel:

Update II by Rafael Fischmann 03/12/2019 s 17:30

And there were four more videos from the campaign:

In addition, the Apple Brazil started to post some of them already translated into portuguese on your channel as well.

Check out: